NVC Mediation Immersion Program

2012. This program was a life-changer. We focussed on three areas: mediating between two people, mediating internally (like between warring voice within ourselves and others), and mediating group conflict. Of that, far and away the thing that was most magical for me was internal mediation and what I think of as "impossible mediations" like mediations with dead people or abstract things. I saw people resolve pain in pretend conversations with dead parents or with people who weren't talking to them, and that pain releases. It's incredible. And I did one where it was me resolving my stuff with climate change. So much is possible. It's a thrilling modality. I love love love it.

If you want me to hear anything you have going on, or help you name something going on for you, or you want to try internal mediation, contact me. I'm always game for it.

Also, since I took it the program name has changed to "Mediate Your Life." I heartily recommend it.