Kinsey Juried Art Show

2011. Kinsey Juried Art Show accepted my video diary piece called "Coming Out Spanko". The title is deliberately sort of uncomfortable, because there is something uncomfortable about disclosing kink in our society which mostly treats it as taboo or dismisses it as private or sensationalizes it as super sexual. This video explores the mostly non-sexy elements of being kinky like anxiety about self-definition, anxiety about telling anyone, wondering about what the interests "mean"... To accompany the piece I also made a postcard that people could take.

There is something really wonderful about the Kinsey Institute. It's been firmly fighting for the right to speak honestly about sexuality for over half a decade. It's such an inspiring place. The artists were given a tour of the library, which was fun and full of so much stuff. (Incidentally, if you want a place to leave old love letters to, the Kinsey takes all sorts of materials. Anything related to love, sex, romance).