Star Wars: The Trilogy in Puppets

1994. The puppet theater I founded was consensus run. (I don't even know I knew about consensus government, but anyway, that's was in our constitution.) When we couldn't find consensus we voted. I was not that familiar with Star Wars except that I had been terrified of Darth Vader when I was like six. Everyone else in the troupe thought it would be a great puppet show. I was totally against it, but was overruled, and I'm sooo grateful for that because it was a great adventure and obviously I needed to get with the program.

I watched the movies and we started writing the script. We added a mini Indiana Jones trilogy to explain what Harrison Ford did while frozen in carbonite. And since Frank Oz played Yoda and Grover, we had Grover take over the part of Yoda (due to illness). That was my part, I was Yoda/Grover.

I love the moments when majestic special effects turn into the crappiest, smallest scale things ever. I think my favorite is Luke's plane flying around the AtAt (in the video).